Solidary Paddle.

23 November, 2015

I Paddle “Americana” in support of Dr.Clavel’s foundation in Barcelona-El Prat club.
Next Saturday December 12 from 15h to 18h we propose a really sporting and solidary afternoon in order to raise funds for the next neurosurgery projects in Africa, 2016.
Thanks to the commitment and  generosity of people such as Eduard and the Club de Padel El Prat it’s possible to organize this type of events and to earmark the entire 100%  of the funds to the projects.
We also wanted to thank our other coworkers for their generosity contributing with material for the welcome pack and the raffle.
Help us to bring neurosurgery to Africa, take part of it!
Registration in :

Club El Prat- Barcelona.

Solidary Paddle

Committed Surgical Caps.

9 November, 2015

We just have started a campaign with Robin Hat for everyone in the operating room to have in their minds and “heads” that everyone can be solidary.
Our goal is to improve the health care in developing countries and with your help we can do it.
Just with one click you can be a part of it  committed surgical caps.

Committed Surgical Caps

Training Grant in Spine´s Surgery.

14 October, 2015

Ronald Rioja, a doctor from Brasil, is currently enjoying a training grant in spine’s surgery. Coming from Rio de Janeiro he’s sharing operating room and examination room with Institute Clavel’s medical team since last September.


Training Grant in Spine´s Surgery

New mission in Zanzibar.

28 September, 2015
This time, our team in the Mnazi Moja Hospital is composed by the doctors I. Català and C. Asencio and the nurses L. López and C. Gómez.
They arrived to Stone Town last Saturday September 19th and next morning they started to take care of the cases.
It was hard work because from the first day they faced complex pathologies cases, including one children’s tumor with a impressive size.
From here, we encourage them to keep going forward and be able to give the treatment the patients need.
Thank you for your strength and sacrifice.


New mission in Zanzibar

The first Training Grant in Spine’s Surgery came to an en.

25 September, 2015

Dr. Henry Obinna has been the first doctor that took part in the Clavel’s Foundation Training Grants.
A few weeks ago he put an end to his stay of Training for Spine Surgery in the Hospital Quirón of Barcelona.
Dr. Obinna valued successfully the opportunity he received. According to his own words “ I could get familiar and stronger in such surgeries like anterior cervical approach, anterior lumbar approach, that require vascular mobilization in some particular cases. I’ve also gotten familiar with some arthroplasty disc techniques and anterior rhizotomy. I got an explanation of all my issues with intra/post surgery.
I’m really thankful with Fundación Clavel for giving me such an opportunity..

The first Training Grant in Spine’s Surgery came to an en


25 September, 2015

Next Thursday October 1st, from 20h, it will take place in the Hotel Pullitzer terrace, Barcelona,  the presentation of Fundación Clavel, which will include catering services.
We want to make the Foundation activities public and be able to raise funds for future projects. The contribution of 50€ for the attendance will be entirely used for the project “Neurosurgery in Adama” (Ethiopia) which will start in 2016.
We are honored with the presence of our guest speaker Albert Bosch.
The paying of the tickets is available through bank transfer or on the day of the event at Hotel Pullitzer..


Spine Surgery Training Grants.

22 September, 2015

The choice of candidates for training fellowships in spine surgery in 2016 has been delayed until next October 31th.
We apologize for any inconvenience this delay may cause..

Spine Surgery Training Grants


27 July, 2015

In late June Clavel Foundation set up a new mission. This time the destination was Ethiopia.

The objective of this mission composed by Doctor Pablo Clavel, Mercedes Vallespín (nurse) and Ana Llaquet (coordinator) was double: firstly to provide health care in the Christmas International Hospital with Dr. Zenebe, Ethiopian neurosurgeon; and  one another to establish a cooperation agreement with the local partner of Adama Hospital Medical College in Oromia region for future missions providing care and training for local surgeons in the specialty of neurosurgery and  for operating room nurses speciality.


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Encouragement !.

27 July, 2015

Doctor Clavel Foundation and all the team of Instituto Clavel rely on the speedy recovery of Kenny Noyes, after the serious accident suffered by the pilot last Sunday July 5th during the warm-up  of the European Motorland Aragon when he ruined into the French pilot Jonathan Hardt.
All our support for Kenny and his family.

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Encouragement !

New Mission May 2015.

1 May, 2015

From May 23th to May 30th a team of two neurosurgeons and two nurses volunteers will move to Mnazi Moja Hospital in Zanzibar to perform the first neurosurgical 2015 mission.
The missions  goal is to mitigate the lack of attention and resources in this field and collaborate with local staff to improve the quality of health care in this area.

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New Mission May 2015